Void is a "minimal wave" arcade platform computer game I made in 2017, mostly created as a personal challenge. It's simple, but pretty fun for what it is. See below for download link (PC only) or you can get it via itch.io. The soundtrack was recorded using a handful of budget analog synths & drum machines. It is available via Bandcamp, Spotify, Apple Music, and other digital music platforms.



presing the "F" key at any point switches between full screen & windowed mode. Controllers/gamepads are also supported (use d-pad to move and "A" button to jump).


Points are scored when the player is atop any of the disappearing/reappearing platforms. An extra life is awarded every 1000 points. There is no victory screen, but filling the "void meter" at the bottom right corner of the screen should count as completing the game.


Players can jump twice (double jump) in addition to being able to walljump off the left & right game walls. The double jump is restored when atop a platform.


The the player is adjacent to the left or right game walls, pressing jump will perform a wall jump.


Player death occurs when the player falls off the screen, and when the player makes contact with things that are red.


There are three pickups that may appear during play: The "plus sign" increases the rate of points acquired, the "minus sign" decreases the rate of points acquired, and the "extra life" (white square) awards an extra life to the player.

Tips & Tricks


  Void for PC can be downloaded for free at itch.io

soundtrack by Karl Jørgensen:

Version 1.1 changes



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